MyFreecams… Top Or Not?

January 22, 2018 Cam Site Reviews 5575 Views
MyFreecams… Top Or Not?

Greetings all you wonderful camgirls, your webcam modeling expert here again with another review of one of the top five camming platforms available—so you can choose wisely for where you want to be spending your valuable time… and earn those great camgirl dollars!

This time we’ll be looking at MyFreecams: its good points as well as its bad ones–and if it could be a good fit for you!


More traffic. Compared to other sites, MyFreecams has as a lot of traffic—which means possibly more followers and so more money for you!

More easy going. One thing camgirls don’t want is a platform that has so many rules and regulations that it gets in the way of making those great dollars! This is where MyFreecams is great, as they are much more lenient than other platforms: giving you a great amount of freedom in both how you run your room as well as how you direct your traffic!

A great community. One of the best things about MyFreecams is their community: their users tip better than on other platforms, and are easier to deal with!

No technical problems. MyFreecams has its act together when it comes to technology, and rarely has any issues when putting on a show—which is great as time is money and a site that doesn’t work all the time isn’t for you!

Good earning opportunities. MyFreecams offers some cool ways to make money—including being able to charge for things like Private Messages, and even for someone to add you as a friend!

See how much users have to spend. Unlike other sites, you can sometimes see how many tokens a user has! This means that you can know who to try to get into Private Chat or hit up for tips—and, if they don’t have any tokens, you can even mute them!

Trending and most popular. As with other sites, MyFreecams offers some great ways to get added exposure with not just a section that features the most popular camgirls, the ones that are trending on the site but also offers a contest—Miss MyFreecams—for the girl that earns the most tokens in a month. They also offer free chat games.

Great exchange rate. Unlike other platforms, MyFreecams offers all of 50 cents for each token you receive as a tip. This means that you will be working half as hard to make the same amount as on other platforms.


Not much to look at. MyFreecams is not a pretty site. Compared to other camming platforms, MyFreecams is less than stylish. What this means for you, a camgirl, is that it can be challenging for both you and your followers to use, and, if you’re invested in keeping a high standard of presentation and value, it may make you look… less than classy.

Private chat income isn’t the best. Other sites might be reliable for being able to get users into Private chat but—as they allow nudity in free chat–MyFreecams is unfortunately not one of those. It seems like most of the time users just want to get you naked for free—which is not good for your all-important camgirl income!

Camgirl 101: Get Them To Go Private

Here is a great guide on how to get your audience members out of free chat into private and keep them there as long as possible.

A bad rating system. While a rating system is great, the one that MyFreecams uses isn’t the best—mainly because they don’t use how many tokens you’ve earned but how much you’ve made in tips! This makes is doubly hard to get up there in the all-important rankings.

Less than social on social media. MyFreecams is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – and that’s it. This is not a huge negative but it does mean that you will have to work harder to get followers to come to your show there.

Become A Cam Girl Superstar on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter

There are a couple platforms I would use off the top. Learn how to use these sites to your advantage for camming.

When you look at it, MyFreecams is a rather unattractive site with some really clumsy mechanics—but it also has some really nice features that elevate it above other camming platforms.

So the choice to use or not use MyFreecams is a tricky one, but that’s why I’m here: to give you my precious insight on all this good points as well as negative ones—which will guide you on the path to becoming a successful, and rich, camgirl!

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MyFreecams is a rather unattractive site with some really clumsy mechanics—but it also has some really nice features that elevate it above other camming platforms.


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