Room For Success: Creating the Perfect Camming Set

December 21, 2017 Camgirl Expert Articles 3315 Views
Room For Success: Creating the Perfect Camming Set

I’ve shared my expertise on how to scientifically apply your makeup, how to light your space to make you look like a million bucks, how to create your cam girl persona, and now I’m going to talk about a key part of your success as a webcam model: your room!

It’s wrong to think that your paying audience will only be looking at you. Sure, you’re going to give it your all—and then some—when you put on a show but their eyes are going to wander to more than your lovely face.

That’s why you need to think about what else they are going to be looking at. Luckily, I’m here to show you how to do that—and help to pull in those big camming bucks!

Keep it clean: don’t ever leave laundry, trash, dishes, paper, or anything like that where your audience can see them! Making your space part of who you are as a camgirl is key – you never, ever want a space that says you’re a slob!

Props are essential: They’re like the difference between buying a stock car and a car with all the bells and whistles. You always want to be the upgraded model and props are a sure way of doing that. But be sure to have all your camshow props within reach: people are paying to look at you and not an empty set while you rummage around for a lingerie, makeup, toys … whatever. That’s why you need to have a totally organized space, where anything and everything you need is only an arm’s reach away. A huge part of this is to have a handy bag of all your essentials even closer than that. So plan ahead!

Ambiance: give your room a personality—or, better yet, make it part of your personality. If you want to be elegant then resist clutter. If you want to be playful then try stuffed animals or wild posters. Think about who you are as a webcam girl and then decorate your camming space accordingly. Give everything in your space a story you can share with your audience—which is why you should change things every now and again to keep them interested.

Music: never too loud! If your audience can’t hear you then you won’t make any money. But a simple, low song playing in the background will add a lot to both your environment.

If you follow these suggestions your cam girl space will be more than just a background: it will be part of your success as a webcam girl. So listen to what I’ve said, take my expert advice to heart, and create an environment that that will make your audience coming back for more!

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